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Pursuing the ultimate details, Baohe inherits the century-old craftsmanship made in China

Time : 2023-03-16 Hits : 15

In recent years, China's hardware hand tool manufacturing industry has developed rapidly, and more and more local brands have emerged as competitors in the international market.

As a Chinese hardware hand tool brand, Baohe relies on the founder's many years of manufacturing experience in the field of tools, adheres to the craftsman spirit of “quality comes from belief”, benchmarking German quality, and transforms the “craftsman spirit” of excellence into the “refined” standard in actual production. Strict control of product quality, rigid grasp of standards, unremitting efforts in design, and enthusiastic pursuit of innovation.


Baosheng is the drafting unit of the national standards for torque wrenches, screw screwdrivers, and allen wrenches in China. After testing by international authorities, the products meet or even exceed the European DIN standard.

VDE insulated hand tools

Insulation products have 28 German VDE GS certifications and have passed the extremely stringent German VPA GS certification.


Torque wrench

Whether it is a torque screwdriver or a professional torque testing equipment, Baohe has corresponding products to meet customer needs.The patented design of the innovative structure greatly improves the durability and accuracy. Even if the number of uses exceeds 5,000 times, the accuracy can still reach the standard.


Industrial grade pliers

Baohe industrial-grade series pliers use advanced equipment to improve manufacturing technology, reduce material and energy consumption by 10%, and ensure precise and fine forging surface quality, strong and durable.



The unique non-slip design and ergonomically designed smooth edges are precisely manufactured to high standards to extend the service life of screws and nuts and ensure that the smallest product tolerances perfectly match the nut size.


Industrial grade screwdriver

The Baohe screwdriver has passed the REACH test as a whole, implemented the standard DIN/ISO/GB, and can be used continuously for 10,000 times.


In the past few decades, international brands of hand tools have occupied a dominant position in the Chinese market, but now, more and more local brands are attracting more customers with high-quality products and price competitiveness.


Baohe has gradually established a unique brand image of “cost-effective industrial tools” in the Chinese market, benchmarking international quality, continuously improving quality and technical level, and making Chinese manufacturing a new global benchmark.