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New product / Baohe Shoulder Kit Set Plan

Time : 2021-11-15 Hits : 13

With the continuous development of the economy and the transformation of thinking, users' requirements for tool boxes are also getting higher and higher, making tool boxes not only in appearance, but also in the use of materials. Continuous innovation.The tool kit is not only convenient to store, but also easier to manage and carry, making it the first choice for tool users!


Toolkit application industry field

Car 4S shop

When building a website, it will be equipped with a certain number of toolboxes to facilitate the use of tools and improve efficiency.

Large factory

Large factories are mostly assembly line operations, and it is fast and convenient to use small toolboxes.

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Passenger car and aircraft manufacturing industry

The environmental requirements of the tool workshop are relatively high, and the work station is relatively large, so it must be equipped with a certain tool kit.


In various other fields, there are possibilities involved.

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Advantages of Baohe shoulder kit set

Use the shoulder kit as the storage carrier for the set;

Tools can be stored piecemeal in the backpack or EVA engraving can be used to locate the required tools;

The backpack is a hard shell, which can effectively protect the contents.;


There are pockets in the backpack, which can store larger equipment such as documents, instruments, tablets, computers, etc.;

Backpack carrying tools, can reduce the carrying intensity;

Customers can choose to store products according to their own needs.

Baohe Shoulder Kit Set Plan


9-piece VDE insulation tool set



20-piece VDE insulation tool set



9-piece VDE insulation tool set



17-piece comprehensive tool set



16-piece comprehensive tool set