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Who We Are
Who We Are

Booher, Booher Cloud Leopard Technology (Shanghai)Co., Ltd. founder of Steve A. Booher is a leader in torque tools industry, not because he served as chief engineer in the world’s largest tools group company, Danaher Tool Group, but because he has more than 30 years of un-interrupted torque tools designing expertise and recognition and respect throughout the world.

Our research and development team is based in the Georiga, American, and manufacturing factory founded in Shanghai. We has been consolidated successively world-renowned torque factory, the world largest manufacturing enterprise of VDE insulated tools, ESD tools, military level security cases and other platform of industrial products, providing rich industrial products to China power system, wind power, railway, petroleum and petrochemical, aerospace, energy automobile manufacturing, mechanical manufacturing, high-end hotels and property maintenance industry and so forth.

Booher products have passed the world's strictest various certification and testing, including VDE certification which is issued by Verband Deutscher Elektrotechnikere in German, IEC following, EU regulation on REACH, ASTM, STANAG4280, MILC-4150J, FED-STD-101C, all these make us become a leader position in the world manufacturing field.When the industrial growth 4.0 becomes the national strategy, to establish a highly personalized, digital product and service in production mode becomes BOOHER’S future mission and goal.