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Booher Intelligent Tool Management Products Go Abroad, Debut at the 2024 Germany Koln Fair

Time : 2024-03-06 Hits : 26

The Germany Koln Fair was held from March 3 to 6, 2024 at the International Exhibition Center in Koln, Germany.

Koln International Hardware Fair is currently the world's largest and more influential professional exhibition of hardware products, held once every two years. This year's show attracts over 3,200 exhibitors from 55 countries, with products in five categories: tools, small industrial equipment, fasteners, locks and household products, gathering retailers, suppliers and buyers from related fields around the world.


Exhibition Highlights

Innovative Technology:  The exhibition gathers top brands and the latest technology from all over the world, providing you with the most cutting-edge products and technology.

Abundant Products:  The show will display all kinds of hardware products, including tools, building hardware, household hardware, etc. to meet different needs.

Industry Networking:  The show provides an opportunity for suppliers and buyers to meet face-to-face, where you can communicate with industry experts, learn about market trends and find partners.


Booher debuted in foreign exhibitions for the first time with intelligent tool management products, and became the first "Made in China" hardware tool brand enterprise that combines intelligent technology research and development with tool management to go out of the country in 2024. This time, we prepared intelligent gravity sensor cabinet, intelligent photosensitive sensor cabinet and intelligent tool trolley, and a lot of European customers have shown great interest in consulting and negotiating at the exhibition site.


▲ Intelligent Gravity Sensor Cabinet, Intelligent Photosensitive Sensor Cabinet


▲Intelligent tool cart

Overseas exhibition will be the main channel for Booher to get new orders from abroad and expand new business opportunities. 2024 Booher will accelerate the pace of outbound exhibition to expand the market: November 5, Russia International Hardware Exhibition, etc. ...... At that time, we sincerely invite all of you to come and visit us.