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BOOHER Gathering for the Future | Enjoying the Age of Intelligence The 37th China International Hardware Fair Highlight Review

Time : 2024-03-26 Hits : 20

On March 20, 2024, the 37th China International Hardware Fair (CIHF) was grandly opened in China National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai).As China's largest and most highly concentrated hardware exhibition, and as the wind vane and barometer of the hardware industry, the 37th China International Hardware Fair shows the vigorous appearance of the hardware industry at the beginning of the new spring with thousands of sails competing with each other and hundreds of barges competing with each other.


BOOHER also formally opened a new chapter in the management of intelligent tools in 2024, showing its own "fist products" and "unique secrets".


The new intelligent tool management products accompanying the exhibition include: intelligent gravity claim cabinet, RFID intelligent tool cabinet, photosensitive intelligent tool cabinet, intelligent screenless tool cabinet, intelligent screenless tool trolley, warehouse reading platform, intelligent tool trolley case and intelligent key cabinet.

In addition, VDE insulated tool sets and EVA engraved customized tool sets, which are also the advantageous products of BOOHER, were also exhibited.



BOOHER's booth (7.2 T7-247) was packed with people and the scene was full of excitement, continuing to feel the hot and steamy of the hardware industry in 2024.




On March 21st, under the leadership of Mr. Wu Jinhu, General Manager of BOOHER, the invited customers visited the production assembly base of BOOHER's exhibition center in Changzhou.

The base has a complete display of intelligent products as well as BOOHER's product logistics center. Customers understand more intuitively the important supervisory role of the intelligent tool management system in the whole warehouse management by visiting the intelligent tool center, which focuses the attention of many hardware customers and is highly anticipated and noticed.

As the opening exhibition of China Hardware Industry in 2024, BOOHER will keep moving forward, the initial heart will not change, think what customers think, anxious enterprise anxious, provide high quality and efficient service, is always BOOHER's firm belief in the corporate philosophy, we will join hands with you to gather strength in the future, and enjoy the era of wisdom.

Video Review of BOOHER Exhibition ↓↓↓↓